5 Things That Make Joining the Marine Corps a Great Career Decision

People who join the military have that burning desire to do something extraordinary; to live life full of risks, face all challenges and brave all odds to serve their country. The Marine Corps is a branch of the military and there are numerous benefits that draw people towards joining the branch.  For some, it is just the call of duty and for others it may be the benefits associated with the job. Whatever your reasons for joining the Marines, here are the 5 things that make joining a great career decision.

  1. Financial Stability

Being in the Marines gives you amazing financial stability. As the unemployment rate stays at an all-time high since the Great Depression hit worldwide, joining the military ensures that your job stays secure regardless of the economic instability in time of financial crisis. The Marines are always seeking well-educated men and women who would qualify for the corps and serve the country.

  1. Medical and Life Insurance Benefits

When you join the Marines, you and your family receive numerous benefits which include health care facilities, insurance benefits and so on. You will get free medical (eye and dental) checkup from top notch doctors. In any other profession if your employer provides health insurance they would provide just a part of the cost and the rest will be adjusted in your pay. But if you join the Marine Corps, you will receive 24 hours-a-day health care without any deductibles or premiums. You will also be entitled to an insurance policy worth $250,000 absolutely free.

  1. Top-Notch Training

You will receive top notch training from the experts depending on the branch of military you belong to, and these advanced trainings will make you highly qualified for civilian jobs whenever you wish to make a comeback to the civilian world. The Marines will attend a myriad of training sessions including aircraft maintenance, communications, air craft control, data processing and other highly skilled professions.

  1. Travel to New Places

If you love travelling then this may be just the job for you. The Marines have to travel to new destinations, foreign places and meet new people. The travel expenses including the lodging and food is paid by the government. If you have to travel by ship then you will get the cheapest cruises ever with all the modern facilities.

  1. Several Career Benefits

A job with the Marine Corps offers a lot of career benefits as well, which include college education without having to pay the fees. You get the veteran loans to buy your own home, and there are many retirement income and other privileges to ensure that you and your family stay secure financially. The job also offers good bonuses that can be invested for amazing returns when you retire.

So, if you have been thinking of joining the Marines then think no more and just take the plunge to be a part of an awesome team that is highly regarded and honored.