Marine Corp Shadow Boxes

5 Things You Might Not Know about the Marine Corps

Those who join the Marines lead a life full of thrill, challenges and risks – no wonder they are highly regarded for the services they render to the nation and its people. When someone retires from his military job, there’s a legend that he carries back home and a world full of stories that he will share with family and friends. They lead such an exemplary life that when they retire, they are honored with specially crafted Marine Corp shadow boxes that contain their medals, certificates, rank coins, ribbons, flag and other important stuff that summarize their career in the Marines. Here are the most 5 important things that most people do not know about Marine Corps:

“From the Halls of Montezuma”

The hymn sung by a Marines starts with “From the Halls of Montezuma…” and this has reference to the Battle of Chapultepec that was fought in 1847. In this Mexican-American War, the U.S. Marines had taken over the Chapultepec Castle which is located in the Mexico City. A red stripe or blood stripe is sewn in the uniform of the Marines in the honor of those who were killed in that war.

The Unique Leatherneck Tradition

The Marine Corps started providing black leather strip and clasp to the service men in 1798, to wear around their neck in order to protect it when fighting with swords. The tradition has been kept alive even today and the Marines now wear a standing collar on their uniform and this stands as a testimony to the leatherneck tradition.

The Marine that Orbited the Earth

John Glenn, nicknamed as the “magnet ass,” was known for shooting down three MIG fighter jets in the Korean War. After the war he became a test pilot and established amazing speed record. Soon he was recruited by NASA and he became the first American to make an orbit around the Earth.

Famous People Who Were in the Marine Corps

Not many people know that Ed McMahon who was famous as the host of the “Tonight Show” was actually a Marine fighter pilot who had been awarded with six air medals, and had been a part of 85 combat missions during his service years. Actor Burt Young and stand-up comedian Drew Carey were all Marines before they took to other professions.

The Phrase “A Few Good Men…” is Older than You Think

The phrase “a few good men” first happened when Captain William Jones from the Continental Marines placed an advertisement for recruiting Marine professionals for The Continental Ship Providence which was supposed to go on a short cruise. The recruiting advertisement that came out in the Providence Gazette read “A few good men are needed to complement the ship…”

If you know someone who serves in the Marine or was once a part of it, you are sure to hear many stories. To express your honor and respect to the veterans or those currently serving in the Marine Corp, you can gift Marine Corp shadow boxes that will display their achievements and other significant memories.